On Sexbots

They are coming.

Sexbots are going to make a grand entrance in the coming decades.

As it currently stands, the sexual market place is currently inverted. (See The Current State of The Sexual Marketplace)

As I’ve said many times before….

80% of men are competing for the bottom 20% of women while 80% of women are competing for the top 20% of men (if not the top 10%).

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 12.23.34 AM
Recent article on the rise of inceldom.


It is easy to speculate as to what the reasons are for this decline in sexual activity among young men:

  • Less desirable women.
  • Online dating
  • Social media
  • No societal checks on hypergamy and promiscuous behavior.
  • Economic gap between men and women growing (see college admissions).

Save a massive cultural shift in the next few years, one can expect this trend to continue.

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 12.30.01 AM
Buy some calls on sexless men.

Men have a history of innovating in the face of inefficient markets.

The sexual marketplace is no different.

Sex robots are coming…..and when they arrive in mass there will be some major implications.

The Implications of Sexbots

1. Desperation reduction.


There will be a reduction in the number of desperate men simping (See On Simps).

Don’t get me wrong….there will always be a large amount of men willing to simp to the masses of women.

But once sexbots enter the mainstream and men are buying them in droves…..I can’t see how the levels of simpery we currently have will persist (could be wrong, time will tell).

But one thing is for certain….

Men are driven towards sexual release (it’s our nature).

This is why porn addiction is so prevalent. In the future a man will be presented with two options to release his sexual energy away from a screen….

  1. Jump through dozens of hoops….swiping on apps, virtual reality chats, and grinding through dates……OR.
  2. Plug in his sexbot….release.

It is obvious that masses of men will choose the path of least resistance. Online dating will still be relevant, however low tier women will have to compete with “perfect 10” sexbots.

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 12.50.02 AM
The future competition of low-tier women

It is likely that feminist and many other women will call for bans on these sexbots, claiming “objectification” or propagation of “rape culture”.

The reality is women are already sweating.

2. Another blow to birthrates.

My goal is not to paint sexbots in a positive or negative light with this article. I am just pointing out what I see coming.

Female sex robots will presents yet another blow to birth rates of the West.

As I said before, men will the great masses of men will aim to achieve their sexual release through the easiest available mechanism (sexbots).

Unless women clean up their act in a big way…..men pursue the rational choice of sexbots in the future.

3. Robot Relationships

While birth rates will likely continue to decline, it is likely we see an uptick in marriages.


Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.00.18 AM
“Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko to marry his life-like sex doll Margo”

This image says a lot.

The fact that a jacked body builder is choosing to commit his life to a hunk of plastic…..

Well, let’s just say it says a lot about the current state of women.

There is no future I see where men aren’t tying the knot with their AI lovers. As dystopic as this seems….machine learning and technology will continue to advance in a way that will makes these sexbots seem like the “perfect lover”.

It’s inevitable.

4. More Desperate Women

As I said a moment ago….

If women don’t clean up their act they are in for a rude rude awakening. The narcissism, obesity, and man shaming will have to come to a halt should they wish to achieve their biological objectives.

“But won’t they just make sexbots for women?”


But if you have read Esther Vilar then you know that women crave a workhorse….and even more than a workhorse….they crave attention.

And what is the attention of one robot compared to the precious validation of  a dozen orbiters.

The adoption of sexbots will make women even more miserable than they already are.

Plastic Chad (like most men) will fail to measure up to hypergamic (insatiable) needs of the modern woman.

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.17.21 AM
Plastic Chad

To compete with their AI counterparts women will have to look to their ancestors and readopt feminine attributes…..nurturing, cooking, submissiveness, and affection.

The traits that men desire.

The real question is whether or not women will be able to set aside another decade of feminist conditioning and propaganda.

I doubt it.

Society is headed down a sterile path.

5. Less ambitious men

The adoption of sexbots will be yet another escape for the average man.

After a day of work at his 9 to 5 a man will turn on his favorite sportsball, play some video games on his VR headset, and then plug in his sexbot.

It is likely some men will leave their full-time gigs, working only just enough to serve their most basic needs.


Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.23.57 AM
Men dropping out of the workforce

“Spreading the seed'” is biologically a man’s  number one prerogative in life.

Anyone who denies this is denying truth.

We all know this.

If a man can achieve that goal with the push of a button….then what will drive his ambition?

What will push him to work stressful and unrewarding careers….

“A man can set goals for himself….there can be ambition without sexual carrots.”

Yes, for you and I perhaps.

But for the great masses of men?

Something to think about.


Sex robots are coming.

Women are already sweating in a big way…..

Every basement dwelling neckbeard will have access to the unicorn he always wanted.

The only difference?

No dates.

No #METoo.

No Unwanted pregnancy.

No STDs.

No Divorce.

Just flip the switch….and she’s ready to go.

The introduction of sexbots to the mainstream will flip the sexual dynamics of this world on their head.

“Aren’t sexbots like porn.”

In a way yes.

The key difference there is that sexbots do not expose men to vast amounts of novelty while conditioning their brains for spectatorship and passivity.

Perhaps these bots will lead to a downturn in sex trafficking….

I will admit though….the decline in birthrates these bots will bring is very concerning.

But honestly I don’t see a world where these aren’t adopted in mass. Women have really priced themselves out of the market.

It’s still very early.

Those are my thoughts on the subject currently…

I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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  1. While I agree with you about the new trend where women cannot use their primary asset to manipulate men anymore, I really don’t think sexbot will take over the market in any near future, due to facial expression tech, AI, material, law,… Yuri Tolochko may have his chances to fuck and live with enough women to the point he really really feel it doesn’t worth it. The majority of man still wander around try to find “the unicorn”. This’s what we call “one BJ away from the plantation”, because if men need women just to fuck, then the escorts had invaded the market and we didn’t have to see as many simps as they are today.

    So if the sexbot industry cannot find a way to leverage their product’s AI where we cannot determine the obvious differences, which is pretty hard and many think it won’t arrive in next 10 years, I don’t think sexbot can be a game changer. For now.

    As you talked about sex trafficking, I don’t think sexbot will make any different. Just like beating a doll in private room cannot satisfy an angry person, I don’t think fuck a robot will be a good enough option for many men. After all, they pay to fuck a human, not “a bunch of soulless material”. If they have to fuck a robot, then save money and buy it for good will be a better option than go to a public one.

    About birthrate problem, Chad and Tyron will take care of that problem, as they have done through the entire human history. If we don’t have enough cash to raise the new children? Well, C&T have to take care of that problem, too. We don’t have enough new children to keep humanity exists? Good. We are suppose to live beyond the animal’s basic instinct, be civilized and be something better. They failed to do that, we failed to stop them from not doing that. So now this species has no more reason to exist. Done.

    My little thoughts about this. Thanks for your blog and have a nice day, Mikey.

    1. Don’t underestimate how human-like these bots will be. It is my opinion they will be a big game changer. As far as fertility rates go…there was an article floating around on twitter today stating that fertility rates have hit an all-time low. This is concerning. Sex bots will only perpetuate this trend.

      >Social media
      >Online dating
      >Mass addiction to pornography.
      >More men finding peace w/ MGTOW.

      “MGTOW is good for the individual, but troubling for society.”

      This is all a terrible recipe for birthrates. It will be very interesting to see how it all plays out over the next decade. In the mean men must prepare themselves for the tough times ahead.

      We are on the verge of economics catastrophe, AI dystopia, and totalitarianism. Self mastery is more important than ever.

      Good to hear from you Ryu.

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