Simp of The Week (#11)

So I figured I’d do one more simp of the week before taking a break.

Next week I will change the Sunday content to Red Pill of the Week.

I felt quite encouraged to add another simp of the week after seeing a couple of photos….

So….time to roast a simp.

His target?

A tinder BBW.

The simp opener: “Not interested in someone showing so much cleavage.”

Coming out with the right from the gates with simp rage.

“I swipe right on everyone.”

I”m not perfect looking like every other guy on here.”



BBW: “Sorry I have large breasts.” 

Simp: “Yeah I don’t like any feminine parts….I am a forever virgin.”

BBW: “Your personality is trash.”

The dynamic that is really in play here is the nature of online dating apps.

On one hand we have a deflated simp who feels it is in his best interest to seek pity from a random Tinder BBW rather than seek to improve his situation….

And on the other hand we have a BBW with an inflated sense of self.

Simp: “The only thing I’ve ever been good for is the friend zone.”

BBW: “I really think if you could just be nice.”

The simp is wallowing in his self pity.

The BBW already knows at this point she’ll be posting this convo to the internet for that fresh spike of vali….


More cringe.

Simp: “I’m short, bald, fat and hairy. Women only wants perfect looking guys who tall and wax their chest.”

BBW: “Have you thought about seeing a therapist?”

Simp: “There is nothing wrong with me.”

No self respect.

That’s what’s wrong with you.

“Inability to walk away.”


Simp: “Besides it wouldn’t have worked between us even if you had give me the chance you claim.”

BBW: “If my son ever spoke to a woman like this, I’d be ashamed. (Can’t wait for the internet to see this) I’m very sorry for you.”

Another simp tendency: Playing out and imagining the future he could have with women that have not qualified themselves as worthy of time or attention.

“if you had given me the chance you claim.”

There is nothing this simp would love more than the glorious chance to spend every waking hour with a BBW single mother.

Nothing to see here….just more cringe.

Simp: “I’ve been told by every women I’ve ever talked to that I am ugly looking. Men are forced to accept fat women, yet fat men are still shamed.”

BBW: “If you don’t like ‘curvy’ or ‘fat’ women don’t match with them. I know I am beautiful, and I know I am a good woman.”

Just a giant pity party here.

Men are not forced to accept fat women….

That’s just a simp choice.

If the market is only offering you fatties….go self invest for a time or don’t participate in such a market.

As far as the BBW….in this last screencap you can see her ego is as inflated as her weight.

She really didn’t take quite nicely to the simp slighting the “curvy” demographic.

“CuRVy NOT FaT!”

Hope you guys enjoyed a nice cringe for your Sunday afernnoon,

I’ll talk to you soon.

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