Simp of the Week (#3)

Congratulations to “Sloan”….

Our simp of the week..(or cuck?)

You see….Sloan is a special kind of man….

So altruistic….

So non-judging…

So caring….

That he willingly gives his time, attention, and resources to a single mom and her offspring.

The reward for Sloan’s valiant self-sacrifice?

You guessed it.

The friend zone.

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 10.10.06 AM
“Here the simp can be seen grazing in his natural habitat.”


“Sloan, you are my best friend and such an amazing dad to Hosanna!”

First off Sloan….you befriended a woman who named her child Hosanna….

You knew this wouldn’t end well.

Second, a man should NEVER…..

NEVER… a single mother.

When you date single mothers you are rewarding degeneracy.

But you’re a Sloan….of course you wouldn’t know that.

“I hope one day you find a woman who will treat you as well as you treat her.”

Not going to happen Sloany boy.

You’re too busy burning your time and attention being a “good friend”.

Guys like this need to wake the hell up.

Understand what the “friend zone” is….

Friend Zone: A purgatory a woman places her beta orbiters in. The friend zone requires the orbiter to pay a regular fee of time and attention. 

But why would simp Sloan stay in the friend zone like this….doesn’t he realize that this woman is leading him on a string?


Simp Sloany rationalizes in his head that he is doing a “societal good”….

“The right thing.”

In reality he is so thirsty…

So deprived….

That he will accept any circumstance which places him in the vicinity of his chosen “Goddess”.

“Crazy to co parent with someone who is not my partner or her father, but here you are. Our rock that holds our family together.”

“Go bestfriend that’s my bestfriend!”

What Sloan doesn’t realize in the glory of his friend zonery is that he is being used as a status symbol.

This woman is subcommunicating to the world

“I am the type of woman with beauty so alluring that it will string along a men to provide for my child while I offer nothing in return….just a little nugget of praise from time to time.”

Will she admit it?

Of course not.

It’s a man’s responsibility to make sure he doesn’t end up in the position of a Sloan.

Another simp in the friend zone.

One can only hope this video is fake.

Unfortunately we live in a world of Sloans.

Never be a Sloan.



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  1. Bwaahahaha but no , I actually feel really bad for this boy. He’s not just some retarded puberty controlled moron forking his paycheck to a ethot. He’s still looking for a family,sorry kiddo…..that ship sales before you where born.

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