Simp of The Week (#5)

Every week.

There never seizes to be an ever flowing supply of simps.

And what did the simp cat drag in this week?

This sap…


This dude probably wasted months of his life building snap streaks with this “Queen”.

All the while she was shopping around.

That is the nature of our dating market…the real thing that makes this guy a simp is the way he takes this slutty behavior.

Rolls over like a dog.

“I appreciate the honesty”

This thot just wasted god knows how much of your time, and you’re showing appreciation….

Simp lord.

Couldn’t help myself….had to share another one with you guys.

“I’m studying to become a doctor.”

“It’s 11 inch long”

“Do you play PC games.”


“Expect to see yourself on reddit.”

You can just tell how full of herself the girl is.

Needless to say this PC doctor to be….just can’t stop simping.

He needs this random girl’s validation.

What these guys don’t realize is that their validation means nothing.

But the simp train just keeps rolling.

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