Simp of The Week (#1)

Introducing our first simp of the week: “K”

“Wishing I was joining you”….”I’m jealous”….simp.
“K” the simp gets rejected twice…”sorry dude”
Simp rejected a 3rd time. Time to pull out the big simp guns….”I like you.”….”you’re beautiful.”
“K” gets dumped on. Turns out this simp is 34. Ouch.
Simp calls princess “crazy bitch”…chaos ensues
Simp K drops the “whore” bomb….”princess” shames.

This is the sad story of simp K.

Simps like K put women on the highest pedestal for reasons unbeknownst to man.

I’m sure “K” has a lot of pent up sexual energy…

This can be seen through his persistent simping despite insults and rejection.

Shame on simp K. He has forgotten the most powerful weapon he possesses a man.

The power to walk away.

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