Women Crave One Thing….

There is one thing above all else that the modern woman craves.

Without it she cannot fathom her existence…

It’s not money….

It’s not getting pumped and dumped by Chad….

It’s not traveling and “wine night with the girls”…

Many of you already know.

It’s attention.

Without a steady supply of attention and focus from the grey matter of simps and strangers the modern female ceases to exist.

The horror.

But what happens when this supply of steady attention runs dry for a short period of time?

I’ll show you….


Women lose their shit.

Or in the case above….they bathe in shit.

“Why in the world would she do something so grotesque….so self debasing?”

I’ll tell you my friend.

Attention is the currency of women.

The reality is most women receive this currency for free in our modern times.

Simps….instagram….tinder….all steady attention wells.

And like any other drug…..the amount needed to get your high (tolerance) increases.

It’s similar to how the Fed has been printing money out of thin air….

The more they keep printing, the more they need to print.

This past week has been a prime of example of the attention whoring phenomena as the race riots have only shortened the supply of attention women need to feed on…..

Emma who?

“Haven’t heard from her in a while?”

Emma Watson: “Hmmm….I haven’t received 5,000 notifications on social media this week….why is my supply of attention so low?”

(Flips on news): “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

“Oh I know…I”ll courageously shave my head to show solidarity with the virtue signaling masses…..that’ll get me my attention.

Or how about Madonna back when COVID-19 was a thing….

They just can’t help themselves.

Attention is addictive.

The problem?

Our society rewards these attention whores?

Not just with more attention….

But praise.


And often fame.

What kind of responses did this little attention seeker below receive for virtue signaling and shaming her father (the man who provides for her)?

“Ignorance is bliss”

Says the entitled little white girl.

But what was the reception from the simp community?

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 11.23.50 AM

“She’s cute.”, says the creepy simp.

Is it any wonder birth rates are decling?

Is it any wonder over 50% of marriages end in divorce?

Woman want attention.

And in this world attention is more abundant than ever with social media, online dating, live streams, 24/7 news, etc….

“You expect me to be satisfied with the attention of just one man….HA.”

Why be satisfied with the attention from one beta provider when you can get cheered on by the whole virtue signaling mob……

“YoU Go GiRL!”

But this is the world we live in.

One where women judge the correct behavior to be the one which gets them highest ROA (Return on attention)….

This “brave” medical worker screams into the microphone….”We Fu–ing MATTER.”

Wait lady….

Weren’t you medical workers the ones collecting hazard pay for the past three months…..while the rest of country was forced on lockdown….

Because “We have to save lives!”ย 

Ohhhhhh….yeah, I remember!

That was just your attention narrative. Tik tok anyone?

A virus epidemic?


A racist epidemic?


An attention epidemic?


So what’s the takeaway?

Value your attention.

We live in a world of distraction….it’s all noise.

Even my twitter feed is often just noise.

I am considering a break myself soon.

Ask yourself, “what am I getting out of paying my focus and attention to this piece of media?”

I have fallen into this trap the past two weeks.

Attention on race riots –> Anger.

Attention on attention whoring women –> Irritability

Attention on your goals–>Focus

Attention on your health–>Well being.

Don’t give away your time and focus to these attention seeking women.

They are fulfilling an addiction.





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